Sanjay Dutt's DC modified 3 cr designer Volvo

Volvo that costs almost Rs 3 crores is ready to be delivered to Sanjay Dutt. Acclaimed car designer Dilip Chhabria ( DC) put in a lot of cosmetics for the volvo to suit the macho personality of its owner.
Chhabria on this 3 cr designer van : "I had designed a vehicle for Sanju earlier. Three years later, he felt the need for a bigger vehicle. He wanted to depict a lounge within the vehicle, where he can party as and when he wants. He gave me a free hand, as per the creativity, layout and even budget was concerned. Most designers don't get that kind of opportunity. I was truly excited. His car is aggressive looking, futuristic and sophisticated. The idea was that it should look like Air Force One, the aircraft of the US president."