'Karzzzz' is a Love Issshtory !

Karzzzz movie wallpaper

TRUST SINGER-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya to take things to unheard of lengths.
A firm believer in nu-merology, his latest film is called A Love Issshtory. Really. And another is called Karzzzz.
"He follows numerology. Having an understanding of numerology, he does all the spellings himself," a Mumbai-ba-sed numerologist said.
Karzzzz movie wallpaper

An extra 'k' here, an extra 'z' there. This is how many Bollywood titles now read. From Heyy Babyy to Singh is Kinng, using additional letters has become routine, thanks to increasing influence of numerology.
It began as an obsession with 'k', only to spread among producers and actors alike.
Directors and producers are no more hesitating to consult professi-onal numerologists be-fore finalising the name of their films. "Many people from the film industry consult us. Many actors, producers and directors are our regular clients," says Swetta Jhumani, a Pune-based numerologist. "Whatever recognition we have today is because of our Bollywood clients."