Nayanthara with acrylic nails

Nayanthara exudes style and charm. Recently she was seen flaunting her freshly manicured hands with acrylic nails.
Last week when she got a day off from shoot, she headed to an upmarket beauty parlour and got acrylic nails fixed with designs painted on them. And now she is so proud of her beautifully painted turquoise and white nails.
She was also heard saying: ' I know, it's not something new. I always wanted to get acrylic nails, but I hardly got time to spend for it. Isn't it pretty?'
Acrylic nails had become one of the latest style statements to flaunt. Nayanthara is fast emerging as a style icon and an inspiration for teenage girls in the country. For the first time, we have seen a Kollywood actor who makes style statements for herself. Way to go girl !