Rushdie-Ria Back to Back !

In India on a busman’s holiday, Salman Rushdie proved once again that if there is one thing that matches his great talent for words, it is his way with the ladies. The much-married Rushdie showed no after-effects of his most-recent divorce from Padma Lakshmi during his Mumbai visit.

While at a nightclub with Parmeshwar Godrej, his fancy was taken by Riya Sen who waltzed in around 1 am in a stunning backless dress. She was accompanied by Kunal Kapoor, Zayed Khan and Sohail Khan. “Rushdie seemed totally fascinated by Riya,” says a guest present at the nightclub and soon Parmeshwar Godrej was introducing the writer at Riya’s table. “After some time Parmeshwar Godrej excused herself and returned to her table but Rushdie kept sitting with Riya and chatting about fashion and films.”

The fact that Rushdie had seen none of Riya’s films and nor had she read any of his books was no deterrent to the conversation which extended through the night. The two parted at dawn but only after exchanging numbers and fixing up to meet again. Riya Sen confirmed meeting Rushdie but refused to elaborate on her conversation with him. A close friend of hers however said that the actor was surprised by Rushdie’s acute grasp of the latest fashion trends. Parmeshwar said about Salman’s visit, “He is here as my personal guest, and is doing us a favour by working on our AIDS campaign.”

Courtsy : Times of India